2016, I wanted to give back to the amazing people of Guinea West Africa after a long family trip. I took 100’s of photos and decided to collect them into a book showing people and life within the city of Conakry. The book is free but I successfully raised $300 in donations during it’s initial release.


2015, I’m stepping into photography and seeing the world in a whole new way. Exploring inspiration through the human body, physical sport and black and white to create some interesting results.



Halloween! October 31st 2014 Volume 3 was released and published online.

Volume 3  takes a whole new direction looking at cosplay, comic book layouts and story. Instead of beauty and high fashion retouching these photos were directed for digital art. Free flowing brushstrokes, magic and atmosphere all added in photoshop.






November 15th 2013 Volume 2 was released and published online.

Volume 2 dives into the theme of colour within high fashion photography.
“Inspire” continues with a fresh team of creative talent from all facets of studio and design.




Alex is the co-founder, retoucher and art director for Inspire magazine.
The magazine uses high fashion as an outlet for new talent and creative growth.
It’s purpose is to produce inspiring imagery for the enjoyment of the viewer so that they too will have the passion to create.
Inspire aims to release annually and remain free for viewers online.

If you wish to be a part of the magazine’s upcoming volumes please contact me here.