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The Art of Retouching

A new photo has been added to retouching portfolio today. Actually it’s from an old photoshoot for Inspire volume 2 that didn’t make the cut, but I knew one day I would come back to it.

Certain lighting can accentuate unwanted features on a model, thankfully some clever retouchers created and coined the term “frequency separation” to make jobs like the one below a lot easier. The technique seems to be an expansion off of the popular highpass sharpen technique that I had already come to love using in a lot of my work. A before and after split is shown below, to see the full retouch job visit my portfolio retouch section.

Every artist has their own style, technique and preference. Yet everyone can agree you can go too far, subtle is better but that doesn’t necessarily mean easier. Every so often I scour the web for new techniques and practices always adding and subtracting from my list of

before_after skin photoshop