Alex’s interest in comic book art started at a very young age. Collecting and drawing hero’s set his future in motion. Joe Madureira, Michael Turner, J Scott Campbell are three major artists who captured his imagination and made him pursue art further.

His love for fiction and art spilled into video games, back when video games were painstakingly drawn pixel by pixel. Classics like Street Fighter, Doom, Space Quest and Star Wars helped fuel his desire to work around computers.

In 2005, Alex successfully completed Graphic Design at Fanshawe College. He created video games using Flash action scripting and animation, modeled characters in Zbrush, learned SLR photography and HTML website building. Yet it was his history that allowed him to develop the other design skills beyond the schools requirements. His Photoshop retouching, vector illustration, layout design and concept sketching proved to be so highly desired that he was hired the same year for a major print company.

Alex worked as a Photoshop retoucher, freelance web and print designer for five years. He was labeled as top talent and was recognized as having high potential in many areas. Alex’s respected photoshop skills won him a role working directly with an art director during his companies rebranding. In 2010 he was invited to join a layout team as a fulltime designer and was showing the same unprecedented growth and resourcefulness they had come to expect.

Today he still practices almost all aspects of design, continually developing his already great eye for moods using space and colour. He is a wiz with social media and adapts easily to new software. Alex has experience working with teams big and small, managing high pressure situations and never resting till the jobs done. Studio photography art direction and magazine design are his latest area of interest.