Archive: Mar 2015

  1. Toronto Comicon 2015

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    Downtown Toronto was full of energy as costumed hero’s took to the streets. I set out to practice some photography and test out a Canon 600 series flash. The results really blew me away and I got some great material.
    Full preview here



  2. Inspire 4 kickoff

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    The first photoshoot for the e-magazine Inspire volume 4 was completed and production has begun.

    This marks the first time my own photography will be filling the pages. I am very excited to show the world what I can do!

    Muscle and iron featured this time around and male models for a change. A lot easier to produce when you don’t have hair/makeup and fashion to consider. Below is a shot of Rick the first feature.


  3. New website Design!

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    HEY! where did everything go?!

    Its been about 3 years since launched and the internet evolves quickly. Social media is becoming more popular than ever and I have a lot more work coming down the pipe so it was time for some better tools.

    Stay with me while I port all my work over and show you even more details behind them than previously available!
    Expect detailed descriptions of all the work you see featured on this site from now on.